Disclosure of significant holding of Reinet Investments S.C.A. (`Reinet΄) shares


16 DECEMBER 2013

Disclosure of significant holding of Reinet Investments S.C.A. (`Reinet΄) shares.

In terms of the Luxembourg regulations, where a holding exceeds or falls below a notifiable threshold a notification is required.

Reinet has been advised by Public Investment Corporation Limited (`PIC΄), private bag X187, Pretoria 0001, Republic of South Africa that accounts under its management hold 286 350 384 Reinet South African Depository Receipts (`DRs΄), equivalent to 28 635 038 Reinet shares. Accordingly, PIC’s holding indirectly represents 14.61 per cent of the voting rights in Reinet, falling below the 15 per cent threshold. In May 2013, PIC advised Reinet that it had increased its holding to above the 15 per cent threshold.

Reinet DRs are issued by Reinet Securities SA, an indirectly wholly owned subsidiary of Reinet Investments SCA. In its capacity as depository, Reinet Securities SA holds one share in safe custody for every 10 Reinet DRs in issue.

The information contained in this press release is not considered to be price sensitive.

Reinet Investments Manager SA
for and on behalf of Reinet Investments SCA


Reinet Investments S.C.A. is a partnership limited by shares incorporated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and having its registered office at 35 boulevard Prince Henri, L-1724 Luxembourg. It is governed by the Luxembourg law on securitisation and in this capacity allows its shareholders to participate indirectly in the portfolio of assets held by its wholly-owned subsidiary Reinet Fund S.C.A. F.I.S., a specialised investment fund also incorporated in Luxembourg. Reinet Investments shares are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Reinet Investments’ primary listing, and Reinet Investments South African Depository Receipts are listed in Johannesburg, Reinet Investments’ secondary listing. Reinet Investments shares are included in the 'LuxX' index of the principal shares traded on the Luxembourg exchange.


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